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Want more energy this summer? Try “Ra Tuesdays”- Celebrate and enjoy the Power of the Sun and Living (Raw) foods with this 7 week practice.

In our family every summer we have a tradition that we simply call Ra Tuesdays. “Ra” as in the Sun. For every Tuesday, for 7 weeks starting from the first Tuesday after the summer solstice and onwards, we consume no cooked or processed foods- only whole raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, water, juices and seaweeds. the foods have only been “cooked” by the Sun.

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At the Ibomu house, our Ra Tuesday Summer Ritual is our way of incorporating more live food cuisine into our diets on a regular basis and absorbing more of the power and energy of the Sun through our diet. Living foods are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and they aid in our optimal health.

We invite you to join us.  check below for a few tips and enjoy.

1. Shop before Tuesday for fresh fruit, veggies, seeds and nuts.

2. Get a raw foods “cook” book or google raw food recipes online in advance to take grocery shopping.

3. Incorporate fresh greens and green juices as the majority of your intake, not just sweet fruits and nuts.

4. Start with foods you like– Focus on what you CAN have or that you LIKE instead of what you’re not eating at the moment. A positive attitude and outlook helps the day to be enjoyable and go by quickly.

5 . Be creative or keep it simple. an apple is good just how it is. or you can whip up a master kale recipe with herbs and seasonings.

6. Make it a family thang!- Everyone in the house should participate. Yes even KIDS! make it fun and let your spouse or your kids help out in the preparation and ideas. Try to incorporate at least one thing that everyone will enjoy.

7. Drink plenty of water, exercise and get out and enjoy the sun!

8. Keep a journal of how you feel on Ra day. notice your emotions, bowel movements, energy level, and general mood.

9. Stic to it. the benefits of incorporating more Ra foods into your lifestyle are cumulative and will energize and enhance your life for years to come if you stic to it.

**Ra in ancient Egypt (Kemet)actually represents Consciousness and Energy. Similar to the concept of “Chi” in the 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The actual name for the sun was “Aten” not Ra. The sun is a symbol of consciousness and energy of course and so this is where the metaphor connects.

                           This article was written by Stic of dead prez

                           and was taken from RBGFITCLUB.COM


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  1. i love this idea! thanks for sharing!


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